Counter Material: What’s Your Ideal Surface?

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Choosing the appropriate material for your counter is everything. Depending on the usage you plan for your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, bar, offices, and more, it could change the type of material you’d want to use. As we know, appearance is everything, and the design does play a big part in the choice of your potential materials, as does durability, sustainability, and more. You’ll want to keep with your home’s style and aesthetic, while having the right functionality. Some materials can be used for both a kitchen and bathroom remodel whereas some others may look neat, but are all wrong for the application. Here is a list of some awesome materials to think about for your next remodel!

Granite – This heat resistant, volcanic stone is great for any countertop. A less porous choice than other natural stone, meaning it is less likely to be damaged by water. Granite is also very hard and damage resistant to drops, scratching, etc. When these countertops are installed, a seal in applied to help keep it protected from daily use. Every few years it will need to be resealed. While granite is a strong material, we recommend a trivet and cutting boards to keep the surface protected from knife marks. With its fissures, which is natural veining, your granite countertop will be a beautiful addition to any room.

Quartz – A more popular product as of recent, is a solid choice with many good qualities. Like granite, quartz does not possess some of the weaknesses of natural stone such as being overly porous. Modern-day sealants can make the already durable quartz option even more resistant to water and other stains. The visual options of quartz are nearly endless because it is composed of crushed quartz crystals mixed with resin, giving it a unique and random look specific only to quartz products. This makes for a very sturdy and customizable option for any application or design.

Counter Material: What’s Your Ideal Surface? 1

Marble – A natural stone that requires significant maintenance, but is one of the most eye-grabbing choices for any office, bar, pantry, built-in, and more. Due to its porous nature, it is not great for bathrooms or kitchens. Weather marks like chips, scratches, and cracks,  are said to give marble its own unique character and is counted as a positive sign of aging as opposed to “wearing out.” Not all products age as gracefully as marble, so if you want a product that retains its charm over time, marble is the obvious choice.

Counter Material: What’s Your Ideal Surface? 2

Wood – Able to be used in a myriad of styles and designs, if sealed properly and maintained well, wood can make an appearance in your bathroom, but like marble, we wouldn’t recommend it in most cases. In a kitchen, it is however one of the best choices overall. Wood is great for a frequently trafficked cooking area and is easily maintainable. Butcher’s block or even bamboo countertops can go with a rustic or new wave design. Chopping on these surfaces isn’t that bad as you can sand and refinish it multiple times.

Laminate – Affordable but not heat resistant because it’s layers of paper stacked together with a sub-strand of particle board or plywood. With how it’s made, laminate you should not use cleaners or compounds containing strong bases or acids. These cleaners can mar, etch, erode, or permanently damage the surface. Available in a multitude of color options and designs, laminate can fit with just about any interior design plan while staying within your budget.

No matter which product you choose, the important part is that it is installed by a Godfrey & Company professional! Anyone of these wonderful materials can provide your home with a truly beautiful and unique design, and anyone of these products can be installed poorly by a less experienced contractor. When you decide on Godfrey & Company, not only have you made a choice to use the best craftsmanship but you have made a choice to utilize the best materials and techniques money can buy. Be sure to call Godfrey when your next remodel emerges, we will gladly turn your dreams into reality.

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