Updating Your Home This Summer

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Things have evolved in the past few months that have greatly impacted the world around us. The world of indoor contracting has changed, drastically, and at times changing the way we handle each and every indoor job. But, fear not! Godfrey & Company is still providing exceptional renovation results both indoors and outdoors. We find a way to provide nothing but the best to our customers, to give them what they are looking for in a remodeling solution. We are fully equipped to handle any remodeling project, and can still offer estimates, consultations, and further work as the country begins to reopen. We’re sure you have a few new ideas on how to upgrade your home, especially after an extended period of time spent in and around the house. Below are just a few ideas of what you can do for your home going forward: 

Bathroom Retreats – After spending a longer-than-expected time indoors, with the entire family, it might be that your bathroom area needs a little updating. In fact, you might have found that your old bathroom might need a whole new remodel to give you the space you’ve always wanted. Now is the ideal time for our design team to help you determine a new layout, new fixtures, new colors, and more to give you a more spa-esque retreat that provides the privacy and comfort you desire. We can make your custom bathroom to the likes of a 5-star hotel, so don’t hesitate!

Home Additions – We can transform your dull, unused space or create a magnificent new room entirely. During the past few months, we’ve found that some desired a large living room. By adding an extra sitting room, or installing a master bathroom for added privacy, we can get the job done quickly and within your ideal specifications.
Whole-house remodels – With our many clients able to spend their summer months wherever they desire, a great deal will leave their home vacant for several weeks, or even the majority of the summer months; leaving an open space for Godfrey & Company to remodel from top to bottom. If you enjoy keeping up with trends, and want to update your space as you see fit, call Godfrey & Company. We can transform your entire house into the palace dream home, without a construction nightmare.

Updating Your Home This Summer 1

Outdoor Space Upgrade – Your outdoor space is somewhat of a blank canvas. You can add an outdoor kitchen to enjoy meals during a Florida sunset, or upgrade your lanai to something bigger and better. While we have a new idea of how to entertain guests, more room means more space for social distancing, while enjoying each other’s company. Godfrey & Company can take your redundant, meaningless backyard and turn it into a chef’s dream kitchen with ease, or the neighborhood’s favorite place to gather.
Modify Outdoor Additions – If you have an outdoor living space, lanai, or property large enough to house quaint coverings like gazebos and pergolas then it’s time to stop denying your property of the lavish addition it deserves. These structures can provide you with a quiet oasis just a stone’s throw from your house. Everyone needs time to themselves to recharge and reflect, these beautiful outdoor spaces can provide just that sort of environment.

The skilled members of the Godfrey & Company design and build team are happy to help you in any way we can. Give us a call today to discuss your plan for your next remodel. We are the team to build anything from the ground up, with exceptional results.  

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