Why You Should Use A Licensed Contractor

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When it comes to the space in which you live, there is no excuse to have anything other than the safest and most functional features. Sometimes it may seem worth it to take on a project yourself, or to hire a semi pro/friend/enthusiast to help do the work. The difference in skill between a seasoned Godfrey expert and your run-of-the-mill hammer jockey is actually far greater than you would think. There can be no room for unstable craftsmanship, loose nails, or shoddy electrical work when you have children, pets, and other loved ones occupying your space. Godfrey and Company knows that, and we will take the time now to tell you why you should always use a licensed contractor.

● Not everyone is licensed – It is important to recognize the training and passion a licensed contractor brings to the table. Through practical application and knowledge based exams a licensed contractor has the skills, experience, and knowledge to get the job done every time.

● Insurance –  A licensed contractor will typically offer liability insurance. This will protect your family if and when they are injured within the job site. Having the appropriate insurance measures in place is just one of the great things a professional can offer that the other guys simply can’t!

● Systematic approach – Licensed contractors are trained to follow a systematic design and build approach; so as to provide a greater layer of detail and an assurance of project completion. Some unlicensed builders have a more haphazard approach. This can lead to some very messy consequences when something very pivotal, like a safety feature is overlooked.

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● With you till the end –  Licensed contractors are obligated to stay with you until the project is deemed completed by the customer.  If a contractor leaves your project before it is completed or you are unsatisfied with the results, a contractor can lose their license, so it is a safe bet to trust a licensed contractor when you need work done!

If you have the ability to accomplish small tasks on your own like changing out a bathroom fixture, or maybe painting a wall, you absolutely should. However, once a certain level of skill is needed for a remodel there is no substitute for a professional. Any and all major household projects should be looked at with the long term in mind. This is Godfrey & Company’s specialty. We provide second to none quality and promise our projects are built to last. Trust the Godfrey touch before you decide to fix something else that isn’t broken!

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