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The Services You Want?

Although we provide many additional services to our current clients as add-ons to our larger remodeling projects, we generally do not provide these same services separately. These included small projects that a handyman would likely do, or a tradesman would take on. For example:

YES WE PROVIDE:  Services for a full kitchen remodel PLUS new tile flooring throughout the home.
NO WE DON’T PROVIDE:  Services for JUST the tile flooring throughout the home.

WHY NOT?:  As a design-build company, we have a team of people that support our projects. If we were only doing a flooring project, these assets (the designer, the showroom, etc.) would not be utilized and thus our cost for such a small project would be higher than a single sub-contractor or tradesman that provides only flooring installations.

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We Provide.

We Don't Provide.

Do You Want Someone to Take Care of Every Detail?

Sometimes material selections can be overwhelming. We recognized that and our process is meant to minimize the stress and overload of selecting finishes and build your confidence in the final product. Our designer will be there to assist you throughout the selection process, accompanying you to showrooms, providing expertise, and keeping you informed on budget.

Is Our Pricing in Line With Your Budget?

How much a contractor charges is based on a number of factors. When it comes to price, the single most important factor to consider is the quality of the work taking place. The price we provide is directly related to the quality of workmanship and extra safeguards we put in place for our client’s peace of mind. We don’t take shortcuts, doing it right is the only acceptable outcome. Furthermore, we believe in doing it right the first time, and occasionally when that doesn’t work…do it again and get it right!
  • A showroom to pick selections and have client meetings.
  • A designer to help make confident and informed decisions along the way.
  • A designated estimator to make sure you get your estimate and proposal quickly, along with accurate change orders during your project.
  • A person to answer your calls promptly and to ensure you are routed to the right person with answers to your questions.
  • A project manager that ensures your work is on schedule and done correctly from start to finish.

Take a look at our pricing guide for additional information.

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We walk you through every step giving guidance to help you make the most confident decisions. Godfrey & Company works only with tried and trusted professional sources and suppliers to meet any design challenge.