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From concept TO COMPLETION

Home Remodeling

Godfrey & Company is a full-service residential remodeling and design firm. We work almost exclusively within the design-build framework, where we handle all aspects of your project from concept to completion.

There are many advantages for a homeowner who chooses to use the design-build approach. For example: accurate pricing, a complete design that expedites the construction process, “real world” expertise on how best to approach projects and solve problems, and much more.

The design-build concept is a departure from the “old” way of doing things, where you would hire an architect to draw the plans, then put the plans out for bid and hope that contractors can build it for something close to your budget. We understand that a sizable percentage of the projects that get designed this way never get built, as discouraged homeowners find that their architect’s design far exceeds their budget.

The design-build concept is a team approach with the estimator involved early in the process. Our experience and “real world” pricing knowledge helps guide the decisions made during the design process, ensuring that your budget is a major consideration. Check out our pricing guide to get an expectation of what your project might cost.

The following steps outline how we approach a remodeling project.


Phase one: Consultation

During this phase we strive to determine exactly what you want from your project and build trust and a level of comfort while getting to know one another. Communication is paramount in this first stage. Our designers want to know what you want from your new space, what you don’t want, and what your dream renovation would include. We will discuss the feasibility of the project, budget and possible design solutions. Be prepared for a lot of questions about what you like and don’t like, your lifestyle, and aspirations for your home into the future. If the preliminary scope of work and investment range are agreed, we execute a fee-based partnership agreement to move to the Concept phase. This fee is 5% of the preliminary estimate. You may decide to move ahead to the next design phase, or you might decide to hold off for the time being. It’s up to you. But at least you will have the advantage of a realistic and genuine discussion about your project.

Phase two: Concept

The purpose of the concept phase is to define the scope of work for your project. During this phase we will review potential design ideas using a variety of techniques, including sketches, photographs, produced building plans and completed project profiles. We narrow down the ideas you like best and generate preliminary specifications with an expected budget range for your project. Once everyone has agreed on the scale and scope of the design and the general direction the project will take, we then move to the Design phase.

Phase three: Design

Now that you have settled on the overall design/layout of your project (the big picture design), we will flesh out the details of the design. In this phase your designer will guide you in the selection of all the fine details and finishes your project will need. These include things like cabinets, countertops, flooring, plumbing fixtures, tile, paint colors, etc. You and your designer will explore a variety of options until you arrive at a remodeling solution that fits your lifestyle, tastes and budget. Our philosophy is to help you find the right balance of aesthetics, durability, maintenance, function, form, cost and livability. All of your decisions are made before the construction phase begins, making the process go much smoother for you in the long run. Also during this phase, our team will be hard at work compiling the costs and finalizing all of the important construction details so that we can have a fully completed set of construction documents ready to go. Now that all of the details and associated costs for your project have been figured out and your selections have been finalized, we will prepare a fixed price construction agreement that outlines the scope of work and payment schedule. Keep in mind that as long as you sign the construction agreement before its expiration, any design fees that you paid previously will be credited towards the first payment.

Phase four: Construction

We plan and review every aspect of the remodeling process before starting construction. This phase begins once the drawings are approved and the building permit is issued. The people who work on your home are professionals who share a commitment to excellent workmanship. We do not take short cuts. There is a right way to build and then there are other ways. Like you, we prefer the right way. During the Construction phase we make every effort to keep the stress to a minimum. We focus on maintaining open communication throughout the project with everyone involved. Safety and cleanliness are our first priorities, so all projects are kept clean and organized. Job sites are swept and vacuumed regularly. We use plastic dust barriers and a negative airflow system to minimize dust circulating beyond the construction area. Our project managers are on site almost every day to monitor progress. Because of our attention to detail during the Design phase, and consistent communication throughout the job, our projects are completed with little to no surprises.

Phase five: Follow-through & Promises Kept

When the job is completed, we won’t disappear. You can count on receiving the documentation from us guaranteeing that everyone down the line has been paid, and all the manuals and warranties that have been collected for the products in your home. But it’s more than that. You’ll hear from us proactively checking in at 1-year to be sure that there’s not any warranty work we need to take care of. So what does this mean for you? Peace of mind. When your home remodeling and construction project is completed, your relationship with Godfrey & Company continues on. If you have issues, we will be there to make sure they are taken care of promptly.